Why is Regulation Important to You?

There are over 20 health professions in BC that fall under government legislation called the Health Professions Act (HPA). Each of these professions is regulated by a College which must set and enforce practice standards within the profession that are in the best interests of the public. Chiropractic is one of BC’s regulated health professions. So what exactly does it mean to be regulated and why is this important to you, the patient?

License requirements
In order to practice chiropractic in BC, the chiropractic doctor must obtain and maintain a license to practice from the CCBC. As a patient, this means that you can be certain that your chiropractor has completed an accredited education program and information on their character and criminal history has passed the CCBC’s scrutiny among other things. A list of requirements to register as a chiropractor in BC are available here.

Continued Competency
BC Chiropractors must complete 40 hours of continuing education including 6 x-ray hours every two years and report each credit hour to the CCBC. These entries are also reviewed and monitored for quality. Given that research and health care is rapidly changing, this allows doctors to keep up to date with the latest evidence and means patients can receive the benefits of their ongoing expertise.

Proactive reviews
All licensed chiropractors must complete a review of records and criminal record recheck at least once every five years. Clinical record reviews are conducted to ensure that patient files include a case history, examination, diagnosis, informed consent and treatment details. This process is in place so that patients can have greater confidence in the care they are receiving.

Held to the standard
The CCBC If a licensed chiropractor fails to maintain the standards set by the CCBC, there is an investigation and if warranted, disciplinary action. For example, if a patient files a complaint about a chiropractor’s conduct or a chiropractor provides treatment and advise outside of their scope of practice, the CCBC Inquiry Committee will investigate. This allows patients to report behaviour that is contrary to legislation and CCBC standards.

The CCBC’s Patient’s Charter of Rights details the choices and expectations that you are entitled to as a chiropractic patient.

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