The CCBC Adopts Global Benchmarking System to Capture DEI Progress

On February 1, 2023, the Board approved the next steps in the operationalization of CCBC’s Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) Policy. These next steps include the implementation of a work plan that will be undertaken over the coming year to develop the College’s DEI baseline resulting in a report across applicable DEI categories. This progressive step in leadership accountability follows on the heels of the approval of the CCBC’s DEI Policy in December 2022.

CCBC’s DEI Journey Update and the GDEIB

In holding itself accountable towards DEI progress, the College’s Board, staff and Governance Committee had sought out training and facilitation from Elevate Inclusion Strategies in review of the DEI Policy in 2022. It was during this process that the College recognized that the *Global Diversity Equity and Inclusion Benchmarks (GDEIB) framework could be a measured and systematic approach forward in its journey to becoming an organization that reflects the rich diversity of the communities it serves.

The GDEIB (By Nene Molefi, Julie O’Mara, Alan Richter, including proven best practices by 112 expert panelists):

  • Is a tool that supports the measurement and analysis of future planning and actions
  • Demonstrates past and present action and guides agency for growth
  • Sets clear outcomes
DEI Policy Background Information

In 2021 the Board approved a draft Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Policy based on the recognition of emerging inclusion policies of other regulators. Following the approval, a brief consultation was conducted with the Board, committee members and staff. In 2022, the Board and staff undertook DEI training to support further reviews and implementation of the DEI Policy. As a result, the DEI Policy was approved later that year, followed by an announcement celebrating the new policy that you can read here.

* From Global Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Benchmarks:  Standards for Organizations Around the World © 2021, Nene Molefi, Julie O’Mara, and Alan Richter. Used with permission. All Rights Reserved

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