Reminder: Vaccine Hesitancy and CCBC’s Policy on Vaccination and Immunization

In a recent registrant bulletin, B.C.’s chiropractors were reminded about a growing concern of vaccine hesitancy, especially as news about COVID-19 vaccines become more and more prevalent. The CCBC reiterated to all registrants thatchiropractors must not provide any professional advice or counseling to patients in relation to vaccination issues. Patients with vaccination questions should be advised to contact their medical doctor or local public health officials.– Appendix J: Policy on Vaccination and Immunization from the Professional Conduct Handbook (PCH).

Section 9.5 of the PCH states that registrants may not:

  1. a) Counsel patients with respect to immunization and vaccination
  2. b) Conduct seminars as a chiropractor about immunization and vaccination
  3. c) Supply immunization information (electronic, paper or verbal) in your clinic or in any other venue where you are acting as a chiropractor
  4. d) Provide immunization information on your public website .

Read more from the Professional Conduct Handbook.

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