Registration Renewal

For Registration Classes

Full Registration

Registration class for chiropractors to practice in BC.

Non-Practicing Registration

Registration class for chiropractors not registered to practice in any capacity in BC.

Registration Renewal Process

All chiropractors who are registered as a full registrant or a non-practicing registrant of the CCBC must complete the following no later than July 31 of each year:
  1. Login to with your email address and password and complete the online renewal application.
  2. Payment of the applicable registration renewal fee online. See Schedule C – Fees.
  3. Payment of any other outstanding fee, debt or levy that you currently owe to the CCBC under the Health Professions Act or the Chiropractors Act;
  4. Proof of standard first aid certification that meets the requirements set out by the Quality Assurance Committee by April 30, 2017. (not applicable for non-practicing registrants).
  5. Completion of forty (40) hours of continuing education by March 31 of every second year (not applicable for non-practicing registrants).
  6. Proof of professional liability protection or insurance of at least $2,000,000 per claim.
  7. Completion of any outstanding requirements as mandated by the CCBC including the Practice Self Review, Corporation Permit, and Criminal Record Check.

Failure to comply with the HPA and Bylaws by July 31 will result in cancellation of registration on August 1. Upon cancellation, registrants must apply for reinstatement if they wish to resume practice. The fee to apply for reinstatement is $320 in addition to annual dues.

When To Renew?

In order to maintain their status, chiropractors are required to renew their registration each year on July 31. Depending on the class of registration, chiropractors are required to complete requirements such as forms, payment of fees, a criminal record check and continuing education.

Processing Time

Please allow for a minimum of four weeks processing time once all documentation has been received. Application fees are non-refundable.

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