HPC Permit & Incorporation

Applying For Your Health Profession Corporation (HPC) Permit

A corporation incorporated under the Business Corporations Act may apply to the CCBC board for a HPC permit to carry on the business of providing chiropractic services to the public by completing the following:

  1. Login to the Registrant Portal with your email address and password.  
  2. Select Add/Update Health Profession Corporation (HPC) Permit (under Online Services)
  3. Complete the new application for HPC Permit & upload a true copy of the certificate of incorporation of the business name. 
  4. Select pay outstanding balance and make an online payment of the $150 corporation permit application fee with credit card. See Schedule C – Fees.
The president of a corporation applying for a permit or the designate must promptly advise the board in writing of any change to the information contained in the permit application.

Application fees are non-refundable.

Permits are valid from the issue date shown until the following next July 31. Please note, between June 1- July 31 of each year new applications for Health Profession Corporation Permits are not available.

Renewal of Health Profession Corporation Permit

A health profession corporation that intends to continue to provide chiropractic services to the public must, before its permit expires, apply for a renewal of the permit by completing the following during registration and renewal:

  1. Login https://renew.chirobc.com and
    select the green renew button. (Note: HPC permit renewal is embedded in
    the CCBC license renewal application.)   
  2. Pay the $75 corporation renewal fee online. See Schedule C – Fees.
If there is more than one full registrant under the corporation, the person who renews their license first will also be renewing the permit.

A renewal permit is valid until the next July 31. Failure to renew by July 31 will result in cancellation of your corporation on August 1. Registrants can re-apply for a new corporation by following the steps above. 

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