Temporary Registration

Temporary Registration

Registration class for chiropractors, currently licensed in another regulated jurisdiction, who wish to practice in BC for up to 90 days (eg. chiropractors travelling with a sports team or “hands-on” course instructors). A Temporary license does not provide a BC billing number and does not allow you to provide locum services or provide treatment to the general public.

Registration Process

All applicants for temporary registration must meet the following requirements and complete the following prior to status being granted:

  1. Email registration@chirobc.com to determine eligibility for Temporary licensure.
  2. Create an account at http://www.chirobc.com.
  3. Payment of $100 ($25 application fee + $75.00 Temporary Registration Renewal fee) See Schedule C – Fees.
  4. A completed Certified Photo Requirement form with recent passport-sized photo of yourself taken within one year prior to the date of application. 
  5. A copy of your Canadian birth certificate, passport, or proof of eligibility to work in Canada, such as a Visa or permanent resident card. (If applicable, proof that your right to work in Canada is extended for the additional period of the temporary registration you are seeking.)
  6. Proof of professional liability protection or insurance of at least $2,000,000 per claim.
  7. A letter of standing from your current regulated jurisdiction licensing body, sent directly  to the CCBC. The letter must specify particulars of any cancellation, suspension, limitation or conditions on the applicant’s entitlement to practise, or any investigation, review or proceeding which could lead to cancellation, suspension, limitation or conditions on the applicant’s entitlement to practise.
  8. A criminal record check from the non-Canadian jurisdiction(s) where currently practise chiropractic sent from the jurisdiction directly to the CCBC.
  9. Payment of any other outstanding fee, debt or levy that you currently owe to the CCBC under the Health Professions Act or the Chiropractors Act.

Incomplete Applications

Applications will expire and are closed if they remain incomplete or the applicant is not granted status within six months of the date of initial submission. All required documentation must be received before your application will be processed.

Processing Time for Registration

Please allow for a minimum of ‘four weeks processing time’ once all documentation has been received. Application fees are non-refundable.

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