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Registration and Renewal

In order to practice in British Columbia, chiropractic doctors must be registered through the CCBC. The Registration Committee receives and scrutinizes all applications for registration to ensure that applicants and registrants meet the required standards (including graduation from a recognized chiropractic education program and completion of the Canadian Chiropractic Examining Board (CCEB) exams.) to practise as a chiropractor in British Columbia.  There are four (4) classes of registration:

  • Full registration – Registered to practice in BC.
  • Student registration – Registration class for fourth year chiropractic students entering preceptorship programs who will be working under the direct supervision of a full registrant.
  • Non-practising registration – Not registered to practice in any capacity in BC.
  • Temporary registration – Registration class for chiropractors who are practicing chiropractic in BC for a short period of time (eg. chiropractors travelling with a sports team or athletes).

In order to maintain their status, chiropractors are required to renew their registration each year on July 31. Depending on the class of registration, chiropractors are required to complete requirements such as forms, payment of fees, a criminal record check and continuing education

Please allow for a minimum of four weeks processing time once all documentation has been received. Application fees are non-refundable.

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