Practice Support Program

Practice Support Program
Enhancing evidence-based practice, improving care

The Practice Support Program* is a tool to assist chiropractors in developing meaningful, self-reflective, competency-based career goals and identifying continuing education to meet those goals.

It encompasses the existing continuing education (CE) credit process and provides additional guidance to support chiropractors in achieving their career goals in an evidence-informed manner.

As the diagram below demonstrates, the Practice Support Program consists of the following steps that chiropractors must complete.

  1. Complete a self-reflective Competency Assessment
  2. Download (please see below) and complete the My Professional Plan learning plan that guides continuing education activities.
  3. Proceed with continuing education requirements.
  4. Then complete and submit My Professional Plan before the end of the 2-year cycle.

The Practice Support Program is a cycle of learning that is built upon in successive continuing education cycles. It incorporates the plan-do-study-act (PDSA) approach, as demonstrated in the following diagram. PDSA stands for: Plan, Do, Study, and Act.  Chiropractors Plan a change by completing the Competency Assessment and the first two fields of My Professional Plan, they Do as they carry out their plans when they collect their Continuing 
Education (CE) credits, at the end of the continuing education cycle they Study by reflecting on their learnings and documenting these in My Professional Plan, and finally they Act by applying their learnings to the treatment of patients. The cycle continues as they build on the learnings in the next continuing education cycle.

*Practice Support Program is a planning tool that the College is providing to registrants for their Professional Development. The completion of the Practice Support program is not applicable for Continuing Education credits.

To find applicable CE credit information please visit the Continuing Education page.

Competency Assessment

The Practice Support Program is structured around 14 Career-Span Competencies (CSCs) that apply in all workplace settings and across the career-span.   

The chiropractor explores the Career-Span Competencies by completing a self-assessment tool called the Competency Assessment. 

After completing the Competency Assessment, chiropractors can review a  generated report reflecting opportunities for professional development.

My Professional Plan

My Professional Plan contains these three fields:

  1. My identified learning needs and interests are: (Here registrants will be asked to phrase their learning needs and interests as goals.)
  2. I plan to meet my learning needs and interests by:
  3. My evaluation of the effectiveness of the learning activities I have undertaken is:

At the beginning of the Continuing Education (CE) cycle, chiropractors will use the Competency Assessment to set their goals for the CE cycle by completing the first two fields of My Professional Plan. At the end of the CE cycle, chiropractors will reflect on their learnings and record these in the third My Professional Plan field.

As this is a tool the College would like to see chiropractors use for self-reflection and growth, the College will not scrutinize chiropractors’ entries. The only requirement of the College is completion of the fields and submission at the end of the CE cycle.