Quality Assurance

The Quality Assurance Committee is a Committee of the CCBC Board established pursuant to the Health Professions Act (the Act) s. 16 and 19; Bylaws s. 18. Its mandate is to ensure that registrants are clinically competent to practice and to promote high practice standards. Among the responsibilities of the Quality Assurance Committee are:

  • reviewing the standards of practice to enhance the quality of practice and to reduce incompetent, impaired or unethical practice among registrants,
  • administering a quality assurance program to promote high standards of practice among registrants,
  • assessing the clinical ability of registrants,
  • recommending courses to the board for approval under section 57,
  • collecting information from registrants in furtherance of the objects of Bylaws s. 18,
  • establishing remedial procedures to assist registrants in identifying and correcting deficiencies in their clinical abilities or places of practice.