Quality Assurance Announcement: Practice Support Program

In an effort to support registrants’ professional growth, the College of Chiropractors of BC (CCBC) is introducing a new quality assurance program called the Practice Support Program (PSP). This program is one of the ways the CCBC is striving to protect the public by promoting the delivery of professional and ethical chiropractic services.

The PSP is structured around fourteen Career-Span Competencies (CSCs). The PSP utilizes a new self-assessment tool, the Competency Assessment, which helps registrants determine their alignment to the CSCs. From there, the PSP also introduces a new goal-setting tool, called My Professional Plan, that helps registrants document and measure goals.

Strong support was expressed for these competencies by the CCBC’s registrant body through a validation survey. In August 2020, 27% of the registrant body responded to a survey and expressed a resounding 90% confidence in the competencies.

The PSP will be piloted later this year and will be available for all registrants to use in April of 2021. Participation in the PSP as of April 2021 is mandatory. This program does not replace, but rather provides context to the current requirement to undertake 40 hours of continuing education every two years.

The ultimate purpose of the program is to foster enhanced registrant performance, and improved health care outcomes for patients.

For more information about this program please visit the PSP web page. Watch the Video: Practice Support Program.


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