New Public Member: Ms. Deanie Kolybabi

The College is pleased to announce Ms. Deanie (Darlene) Kolybabi as our new public appointee on the college board, effective October 12, 2018. Ms. Kolybabi will be serving a two (2) year term with the College of Chiropractors of British Columbia.

As CEO and owner of Panache Media & Consulting, the College’s newest publicly appointed member, Deanie Kolybabi, is a corporate strategist who developed her extensive career through her work with airline mergers and then primarily within the broadcast industry.  Ms. Kolybabi honed her skillset developing brand equity for many renown radio stations and television networks in Canada and internationally. As an Aboriginal person of Inuit ancestry Deanie decided in her recent years to use her experience for the benefit of not-for-profit organizations about whose mandate she could be passionate.  She has contracted with numerous organizations seeking innovation and change management and has been Executive Director of National Aboriginal Achievement Foundation, EAGLE (Environmental-Aboriginal Guardianship through Law & Education), and Kla-how-eya Aboriginal Cultural Centre to name a few.

Deanie is active in her community as well as being a volunteer Board Director with the Healthy Aboriginal Network and a founding member of SABAR (Strategic Alliance of Broadcasters for Aboriginal Reflection) which is still cited by the CRTC as a best practice.  Deanie was the first Indigenous Board Director appointed to the Fraser Health Authority (FHA) and remains the longest serving Director in FHA history having been re-appointed 5 times for a total of 9 active years ending December 31, 2017.  During that challenging time of extreme scrutiny and necessary change management Deanie served on the Finance Committee, the Access and Flow Committee, the Quality & Performance Committee, and the Technical Innovation Committee, as well as serving as Chair of the Governance & HR Committee.  In fact, in 2017 FHA received a score of 100% in governance from Accreditation Canada – a first time high score and one of which Kolybabi is immensely proud.

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