Enhancements to the Radiation Safety Program

The College of Chiropractors of British Columbia has introduced enhanced guidelines and reporting requirements for the operation of radiographic equipment. These include:

Reporting Requirements for Radiographic Equipment

Going forward, registrants must report any of the following scenarios to the College:

  • Recertification of any existing radiographic equipment where you practise;
  • Install of new or used equipment at any locations where you practise;
  • Change of ownership of any radiographic equipment; and,
  • Decommissioning of radiographic equipment.

Registrants who currently own or operate radiographic equipment at one or more locations where they practise must update their x-ray information by logging in at by Tuesday, March 28, 2017. Please update your information in Update Clinics > Edit.  This information must be completed by all registrants who own or operate radiographic equipment, even if you have supplied similar information to the College in the past.

Chiropractors who do not own or operate radiographic equipment are not required to complete the form.

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