Education in BC

The College of Chiropractors of BC (CCBC) is committed to providing registrants with timely updates regarding progress and funding of the Pacific Academic Institute of Chiropractic (PAIC).


In 2015, the CCBC reported to registrants the transfer of $188,000 from the Education in BC fund to PAIC to support interim development.  A further $70,000 was released to support May and June development activities. This newsletter will report on further CCBC Board deliberations and includes an update from PAIC as prepared by George Eisler, project CEO (Appendix I).

The registrant commitment made in 2008 to allocate $500 from registration fees has continued with total funds collected including 2015-16 fees being $3.4 million.

The Executive Committee and CCBC Board continue to perform due diligence with ongoing legal counsel input.

Recent Activities

PAIC reported the following at the February 17, 2016, Board Meeting:

PAIC has not met the three criteria outlined in Part Two of the PAIC Funding Criteria Document which was approved by the CCBC Board in July 2015.

PAIC will not be making further requests to the CCBC for funding at this time.

As PAIC continues to work towards meeting the outlined requirements for additional funding, the CCBC Board acknowledges the need to construct a plan and timelines for PAIC to deliver on the criteria. The Board will also consider a process for entertaining other potential chiropractic degree programs that align with the intent of Education in BC if PAIC is unsuccessful at Simon Fraser University. This plan will also define the parameters around the return of funds to registrants in the event that the Education in BC project does not materialize.


Supporting Documentation

October 2017 Education in BC Update
October 2016 Education in BC Update
April 2016 Education in BC Update
August 2015 Education in BC Update
January 2015 Education in BC Update
Appendix I – PAIC Update
PAIC Funding Criteria
Education in BC Statement

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CCBC AGM 2008 Motion:

Motion 247/07-08: Moved by Dr. J. Robinson, seconded by Dr. D. Morgan that the College consider increasing the annual dues in the amount of $500.00 July 31, 2009 in support of Chiropractic Education in BC. (Carried)


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