Education in BC Fund- October Update

To: All CCBC Registrants,

Re: Education in BC Fund.

Starting in 2008 the CCBC Registrants made a 10-year commitment to allocate $500 from registrant renewal fees each year to the Education in BC fund. This was the final year of that 10-year commitment and the Fund now contains over $5 million.

At the CCBC Board meeting on August 15, 2018 the Board approved a motion to return the Education in BC fund back to registrants. The Board also directed the Registrar and staff to determine the approach, costs and time frame to refund this money.

This notice is the first update in the process.

The first series of cheques are expected to be mailed in early 2019. Please make sure your mailing address and email are up to date in the registrant log in at

In February 2018, the Board moved to keep fees at $1550 annual dues after the 10-year commitment to the Education in BC Fund was completed. Therefore, the fees for the 2019-2020 registration renewal will remain unchanged.

Registrants will be advised as more details about the reimbursement plan are developed.

Thank you,

Richard Simpson
Interim Registrar

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