CCBC 2023 Strategic Plan update

The College continues to develop its strategic plan through 2023. With health profession amalgamation in sight, the CCBC is committed to ensure that the legacy of a responsibly managed, culturally safe and inclusive college is ready for the changes ahead.

In doing so we have launched CCBC’s 2023 Strategic Plan. This iteration of CCBC’s strategic plan acknowledges and formalizes the inclusive vision and goals we have been developing and integrating into the College’s practices over the past few years. With the strategic leadership of the College’s Board and staff, the Global Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Benchmarking (GDEIB) framework was engaged to measure CCBC’s DEI baseline. Through the process we recognized that we needed to formalize the embedding of equitable and inclusive practices and actions within our vision and goals that had already been undertaken to support continuous progress.

View the College’s strategic plan here. 

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