//Cannabis and Cannabis-Related Products Legalization- What Does This Mean For You?

On October 17, 2018, the use of recreational cannabis was legalized and regulated in accordance with the Cannabis Act, 2018.


Cannabis is Regulated under the Cannabis Act, 2018.


The Cannabis Act, 2018 sets the legal requirements for the sale, distribution and use of cannabis in Canada.


The Recommendation of Cannabis for Medical Purposes is Outside of the Chiropractic Scope of Practice.


Cannabis use for medical purposes is a pharmacological treatment and is therefore outside of the chiropractic scope of practice. The regulations made under the Cannabis Act, 2018 authorize only medical doctors and nurse practitioners to issue an authorization for medical cannabis.


If a patient questions a member about the use of or recommendation for cannabis for medical purposes, the member shall advise the patient that cannabis for medical purposes is outside of the chiropractic scope of practice and the patient should consult with a health professional who has this act within their scope of practice.


Consent and Capacity Issues with Cannabis.


Cannabis, when consumed, may impair behaviour and judgment. The Health Care (Consent) and Care Facility (Admissions) Act, RSBC 1996, requires that the adult is capable of making a decision about whether to give or refuse consent.


If a registrant has reason to believe that a patient is using cannabis, the registrant must assess the capacity of the patient to ensure they are capable of giving consent to chiropractic examination and/or care. The registrant must not provide a patient with a chiropractic examination or care if the registrant has a reasonable belief that the capacity of the patient to consent to chiropractic examination or care is sufficiently weakened.


Additionally, members must always ensure they are fully capable of delivering safe and ethical chiropractic care. Members shall not be involved in the practice of chiropractic if their behavior or judgement is impaired.


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