BackCareBC Multilingual Public Education Initiative in its Second Season

The College has teamed up with the British Columbia Chiropractic Association once again to launch the BackCare BC multi-lingual public relations campaign.  Now it its second year, this campaign aims to educate the public on the benefits of regulated health care in a language they are most familiar with.

The current print and television ads include Punjabi, Chinese, Filipino, and English in its publications. For 2017, the program will be incorporating Korean and Farsi along with the four different languages since its initial launch.

By offering information in different languages, we can educate a larger group of the public about Chiropractic doctors acting as neuromusculoskeletal experts. But more importantly, the public can receive accurate information on the healthcare they have access to.

More information can be found through the website ( BackCare BC is also available through Facebook, Twitter, and with useful tips and advice for a healthier back.

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