Amendments to Appendix P – Telehealth (COVID-19)

As you may recall, the College of Chiropractors of BC (CCBC) responded to the urgent need for patients to access chiropractic services through telehealth with the implementation of standards on telehealth. As a result of the direction to restrict all in-person, non-essential treatment due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the Board acknowledged that these standards were urgently required.

The CCBC has received correspondence from registrants and patients following the implementation of Appendix P – Telehealth from the Professional Conduct Handbook. We have also reviewed the research related to telehealth outcomes, as well as standards on telehealth, from other health profession regulators.

Following a discussion on this information at their April meeting, the CCBC’s Board made the following amendments to Appendix P:

1. To permit the use of telehealth for initial consultations with new patients or those who have not been treated in over twelve months.

2. Two administrative amendments which aim to clarify these standards and do not change the intent of Appendix P:

a. Specification that the registrant must be physically located in British Columbia to provide telehealth services.

b. Clarification that over the counter products can be recommended to patients (for example, a tensor bandage). Custom or prescriptive items such as orthotics or scoliosis braces that the patient does not already have may not be recommended.

As a responsive regulator, we value the input and feedback of both registrants and the public. In approving these amendments, the CCBC felt that there was a segment of the population that was not included in the initial version of the standards that could benefit greatly from telehealth services.

Registrants are expected to abide by Appendix P as well as all other applicable standards, policies and regulations in the delivery of telehealth services.
We hope these amendments will enable you to better support your patients’ health and keep them safe during these uncertain times. If you have any questions, please contact the Deputy Registrar by email at:


Michelle Da Roza


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