Strategic Plan

From CCBC’s vision, mission, mandate and values, the following goals have been identified as priorities for the next two years. For more information on the Strategic Plan, please contact the Registrar.

2021-2023 Strategic Plan
The College of Chiropractors of British Columbia is a recognized leader in patient-centered, evidence-informed, health profession regulation.
The College protects the public by regulating British Columbia's doctors of chiropractic to ensure safe, qualified and ethical delivery of care.
We require that our registrants at all times protect the safety of patients, prevent harm and promote the health and well-being of the public.
We communicate clearly the reasons for our actions and decisions.
We are responsible for what we do and give satisfactory reasons for our decisions.
We operate in a manner that is honest, thoughtful and ethical.
We are effective, skilled and organized.
We value and consider the perspectives of those we work with, and those outside the College at all times.
Goal 1
Protect the public by ensuring that registrants deliver professional, evidence-informed, and ethical services.
Goal 2
Acknowledge the impacts of systemic racism in the healthcare system and work to create an environment to foster transformative change.
Goal 3
Lead opportunities to modernize health profession regulation which enable improved protection of the public.
Goal 4
Sustainably enhance our governance structure, resulting in a high functioning, knowledgeable, and unified Board.
Goal 5
Build public and stakeholder trust in the regulator.