Statutory Committees

Registration Committee

The purpose of the Registration Committee is to ensure that a person meets the conditions or requirements for registration as a registrant of the college and to grant registration on that basis.
  • Grant or deny registration, including reinstatement of registration, of a person as a registrant of its college in accordance with the Bylaws.
  • Determine the examination(s) that must be successfully completed by an applicant as a requirement for full registration.
  • Establish and maintain a jurisprudence examination that is required to be taken by all applicants.
  • Grant or deny the ability for the Registrar and Deputy Registrar’s to approve applications for temporary registration and for those under s. 53.
Committee Members
  • Dr. Misty Watson (Chair, Registrant)
  • Dr. Christopher Gainor (Ph.D.) (Vice Chair, Public Board
  • Dr. Kimiya Sabbaghan (Registrant)

Inquiry Committee

The purpose of the Inquiry Committee is to investigate complaints received at the College regarding registrant conduct and dispose of the matters in accordance with the Health Professions Act.
  • Investigate complaints on its own motion or raised by a complainant within timelines as prescribed by the Minister and determine the disposition of the complaint.
  • Investigate registrants that fail to authorize a criminal records review check as well as registrants presenting a risk of physical or sexual abuse to children as determined by the Registrar of the Criminal Records Review Act and determine the disposition.
  • Inform registrants, complainants and the Health Professions Review Board as required about the inquiry process and complaint outcomes.
  • Report the results of an investigation to the Board, complainant and the public.
  • Refer matters that cannot be resolved to the Discipline Committee for a hearing.
Committee Members
  • Dr. Brett Peters (Chair, Registrant)
  • Jacqueline Tarantino (Vice-Chair, Public Board Member) 
  • Dr. David Hammond (Registrant)
  • Morley Jameson (Public Representative)
  • Dr. Kristine Salmon (Registrant)
  • Dr. Jessica Yeung (Registrant)

Discipline Committee

The purpose of the Discipline Committee is to hear and make a determination of a matter referred to the Committee following a Citation being issued by the Registrar at the direction of the Inquiry Committee or Board regarding a registrants conduct, competency and or ability to practise, pursuant to legislation.

  • Conduct disciplinary hearings on matters referred by the Inquiry Committee or Board to evaluate the competency, conduct, or fitness of a registrant.
  • Make a determination based on the evidence presented at the hearing as to any disciplinary measures that are required.
  • Determine if cost awards should be applied following the hearing.
  • Publicly post disciplinary decisions and dispositions on the College website.
Committee Members
  • Dr. Lidia Mickelson (Chair, Registrant)
  • Dr. Day Deans-Buchan (Registrant)
  • Dr. Alex Louder (Registrant)
  • Roland Mitchell (Public Representative)
  • Dawana St. Germain (Appointed Board Member)

Quality Assurance Committee

The purpose of the Quality Assurance Committee is to ensure that registrants are competent to practise and to promote high practice standards amongst registrants.

  • Reviewing the standards of practice to enhance the quality of practice and to reduce incompetent, impaired or unethical practice among registrants.
  • Administering a quality assurance program to promote high standards or practice among registrants.
  • Assessing the clinical ability of registrants.
  • Recommending courses to the board for approval under section 57.
  • Collecting information from registrants in furtherance of the objects of Bylaws s. 18.
  • Establishing remedial procedures to assist registrants in identifying and correcting deficiencies in their clinical abilities or places of practice.
  • Reviewing all aspects of the management and conduct of health profession corporations to ensure their compliance and the compliance of their registrant shareholders, with the Act, the regulations, the Bylaws and the policies of the College.
Committee Members
  • Susan Powell (Vice-Chair, Public Board Member)
  • Dr. Marc Nimchuk (Registrant)
  • Martin Sattler (Public Board Member)
  • Dr. Leif Sigurdson (Registrant)

Patient Relations Committee

The purpose of the Patient Relations Committee is to ensure that registrants have a clear understanding of appropriate patient boundaries and to prevent misconduct of a sexual nature.
  • Establish and maintain procedures by which the college deals with complaints of professional misconduct of a sexual nature and monitor periodically;
  • Develop and coordinate, for the college, educational programs on professional misconduct of a sexual nature for members and the public as required;
  • Establish a patient relations program to prevent professional misconduct, including professional misconduct of a sexual nature;
  • Develop guidelines for the conduct of registrants with their patients; and
  • Provide information to the public regarding the college’s complaint and disciplinary process.
Committee Members
  • Susan Powell (Chair, Public Board Member) 
  • Dr. Marc Nimchuk (Registrant)
  • Dr. Leif Sigurdson (Registrant)