Non-Statutory Committees

Finance & Investment Committee

The Finance & Investment Committee sets out guiding principles on behalf of the Board of Directors, in fulfilling their oversight responsibilities for financial management for the College. The Committee oversees the budget, financial operations and results; monitors the adequacy and condition of capital assets; reviews and makes recommendations on investment activities; and in the absence of an Audit Committee, oversees the annual audit process.
Committee Members
  • Ms. Karen Kesteloo (Chair- Public Representative)
  • Mr. Colin Bennett (Appointed board member)
  • Dr. Stephen Mogatas (Board Member)
  • Mr. Derek Hall (Public Representative)

Registrar / CEO Oversight Committee

The Registrar/CEO Oversight Committee is a Special Committee established by the Board to oversee and facilitate the performance and compensation review process for the Registrar/CEO on behalf of the Board.
Committee Members
  • Dr. Johnny Suchdev (CCBC Chair)
  • Mr. Ken Kramer (CCBC Vice-Chair, Appointed board member)
  • Dr. Chris Anderson (Board member)
  • Mr. Colin Bennett (Appointed Board Member)

Governance Committee

The Governance Committee is a Special Committee established by the Board to provide recommendations to the Board on matters relating to Board governance.
Committee Members
  • Dr. Larissa Juren (Chair, Board Member)
  • Dr. Ken Kramer (Vice-Chair, Appointed Board Member)
  • Dr. Paul Dhaliwal (Member, Elected Board Member)