Become A Committee Member

Becoming A Member

The College is looking for engaged individuals who are interested in becoming public representatives on various statutory committees. This is a terrific opportunity for individuals with strategic experience to learn about and participate in the health regulatory landscape in BC.
As a public representative, you will provide a voice and perspective for the public, supporting the College’s mandate to serve and protect the interests of British Columbians. You will work alongside other public representatives and doctors of chiropractic to help shape policies, standards and guidelines for the chiropractic profession. Public representatives are an important and equal partner in the committee work. Although committee members are volunteers, honoraria are provided and reasonable expenses are reimbursed.

Our Committees are made up of both public and registrant committee members who:

  • Are a volunteer. Reasonable expenses are reimbursed and honoraria are provided in accordance with CCBC policies.
  • Can commit for a term of three years.
  • Depending on the committee and the nature of the work, could meet up to 5 times per year in person or be in regular correspondence via email. Attendance at the Annual General Meetings is also encouraged.
  • Spend 3-6 hours reviewing materials and preparing for each meeting.
  • May meet in person for education and strategic planning events outside of committee meeting dates.
  • Meets the Board and Committee Candidate Requirements.
  • Has access to an internet connection and is comfortable using technology.
  • Most importantly, Committee members are accountable to the College who is charged with protecting the interests of the public.

If you are interested in applying for a committee member position, please submit an application form for committee member positions to the Registrar, at