Board & Committee Candidate Requirements

Public Focus

Demonstrates a commitment to protecting the public by effectively regulating chiropractors.

  • At all times carries out responsibilities in the public interest.
  • Works to understand the needs and requirements of the public in relation to the College.
  • Demonstrates dedication to meeting expectations of the public and gaining the public’s trust and support.

Strategic Intent

Actively participates in establishing, supporting and monitoring the strategic direction for the College in collaboration with senior leadership.

  • Maintains focus on long-term goals and objectives.
  • Focuses on governance of the College, not on management of operations.
  • Takes a broad perspective towards emerging opportunities and challenges.
  • Encourages the use of performance measurement to drive improvement.

Decision Making

Uses a systematic approach to problem-solving and decision-making. Bases decisions on best available information and keeps the interests of the public in mind.

  • Assesses issues based on short and long-term impacts on the College.
  • Makes decisions that are congruent with the College’s Vision, Mission and Values.
  • Stands behind Board decisions even if they are not his/her primary choice.
  • Is aware of and declares conflict(s) of interest.
  • Works towards consensus decision-making whenever possible but is willing to express an oppositional view.

Effective Working Relationships

Effectively communicates with others to fulfill Board responsibilities.
  • Actively listens to others’ opinions and ideas.
  • Able and willing to raise potentially controversial or difficult issues in a manner that encourages dialogue.
  • Shares knowledge and expertise to strengthen Board performance.
  • Communicates key issues and concerns in a timely fashion.
  • Uses a communication style and method that is most effective for the situation.
  • Communicates in a coherent and concise manner.

Communication Skills

Builds and maintains rapport with others to enhance working relationships and to improve overall organizational effectiveness.
  • Creates an environment of trust where people feel encouraged to actively communicate and contribute.
  • Welcomes and respects differing perspectives and opinions. Actively seeks input from others.
  • Adapts personal style to match differing situations.
  • Willingly collaborates with others to build an effective team and achieve desired results.

Personal Effectiveness

Works to improve personal effectiveness and performance.
  • Invests time to understand the Health Professions Act, Chiropractors Regulation and CCBC Bylaws.
  • Commits the time required to prepare appropriately for and attend Board and committee meetings.
  • Actively contributes personal perspective to important issues.
  • Clearly demonstrates the CCBC Values in professional and personal interactions.
  • Solicits feedback regarding personal performance and reflects and acts on feedback to improve contribution to the College.
  • Delivers on personal commitments. Maintains confidentiality.