Board Members

Dr. Johnny Suchdev
Board Chair

Year of initial registration: 2005
Chiropractic school: WSCC
Current city of practice: Vancouver, Langley Elected: 2017
Committee: Registrar/CEO Oversight

Mr. Ken M. Kramer
Q.C. Vice Chair

Appointed: February 2018
Committee: Registration, Discipline, Governance, Registrar/CEO Oversight

Dr. Chris Anderson

Year of initial registration: 1997
Chiropractic school: CMCC
Current city of practice: Nanaimo
Elected: 2013 (appointed), 2014, 2016, 2019
Committee: Quality Assurance, Registrar/CEO Oversight

Mr. Colin Bennett

Appointed: February 2018
Committee: Finance and Investment, Registrar/CEO Oversight

Dr. Amarpaul (Paul) Dhaliwal

Year of initial registration: 2014
Chiropractic School: University of Western States
Current city of practice: Burnaby
Elected: 2019
Committee: Registration

Dr. Larissa M Juren

Year of initial registration: 2011
Chiropractic school: Logan
Current city of practice: 100 Mile House
Elected: 2017
Committee: Governance

Dr. Hafeez Merani

Year of initial registration: 2012
Chiropractic school: CMCC
Current city of practice: Burnaby
Elected: 2017

Dr. Stephen Mogatas

Year of initial registration: 2010
Chiropractic school: CMCC
Current city of practice: Vancouver
Elected: 2018
Committee: Finance and Investment

Ms. Susan Powell

Appointed: October 2020

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