About CCBC

About the College of Chiropractors of BC

The College of Chiropractors of British Columbia is the regulatory body established by the provincial government, (1934), for the registration and regulation for chiropractic doctors in BC. Every doctor of chiropractic practicing in BC must be a registered member of the College.  The College of Chiropractors of BC is part of BC’s Health Regulators.

Vision & Mission

The CCBC serves and protects the public and governs the delivery of chiropractic health care in BC by:

  • Ensuring the highest professional standards;
  • Advancing continued education and research; and
  • Promoting and enhancing collaborative relationships.


The Chiropractic profession was first legislated in BC 1934. Subsequent BC legislation including Workers Compensation (WorkSafeBC), Medical Services Plan, ICBC and other government authorities reference health services from chiropractic doctors. The Chiropractic board of the first statutory agency set standards for education, registration and practice for chiropractic doctors.

From 1934 to 2009 the BC government made periodic amendments to legislation in keeping with the administration of health services for British Columbians. In 1995 the College of Chiropractors began its participation with submissions and public hearing of the Health Professions Council as part of the government’s review and reform of health legislation.

Effective March 01, 2009 the College of Chiropractors or BC (CCBC) transitioned from the original Chiropractors Act of 1934 to a College under the Health Professions Act. This process is intended to improve the regulatory role and responsibilities of the College and its provision of health services to British Columbians.

The College has more than 1000 doctors of chiropractic who practice throughout British Columbia. These doctors graduate from accredited schools which are primarily located in North America.

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