Professional Conduct Handbook

The College of Chiropractors of BC publishes a Professional Conduct Handbook (PCH) applicable to all registrants of the College. Registrants are responsible to be familiar with the content in the handbook. The public will also find information regarding commonly asked questions. The PCH is revised periodically by the College as required.

Recent amendments

On June 14, 2017 The Board of the CCBC approved changes to the Professional Conduct Handbook.  Registrants should immediately review these changes and make any necessary adjustments to their practice.

  • Delegation – Removal of Part 15 and replaced with Part 3.4 and Appendix M
    The rules pertaining to delegation and supervision are outlined in Part 9, s. 81 of the Bylaws.  Delegation without proper supervision puts the patient at risk.  This applies to both staff and students under a preceptor program.  The revised PCH sections provide greater clarity around expectations and requirements for delegation of care.
  • Professional Fees – Addition of 4.7 and Appendix O
    Requirements around the collection of copayments and direct billing, especially by electronic means, are more expressly defined.  Co-payments are a common feature in many private health insurance plans. If a patient has a co-pay requirement as part of their insurance plan, this condition must be satisfied in order for the patient to receive coverage for a health service or benefit under their plan.  Fees for a chiropractic service or product must not be higher than the fee the chiropractor would typically charge for the same service or product if the patient did not have insurance coverage.
    Note:  This may not apply when a fee has been negotiated with a third-party payor such as the WorkSafe BC, ICBC or DVA-RCMP.


If you have any questions or concerns, contact the Deputy Registrar.