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Student Registration

Chiropractic students who wish to work under the direct supervision of a BC registrant as part of their recognized chiropractic educational program may apply for Student registration with the CCBC. Student registration may be granted for up to 4 consecutive months in any calendar year.

Applications expire and are closed if they remain incomplete or the applicant is not granted status within six months of the date of initial submission. All required documentation must be received before your application will be processed. Please allow for a minimum of four weeks processing time once all documentation has been received. Application fees are non-refundable.

Chiropractic students who wish to apply for student registration in BC must complete the following requirements:

  • Create an online account at: https://public.chirobc.com
  • Login to http://renew.chirobc.com with your email address and password and complete the online application for a new applicant.  You will be able to specify the requested class of registration as student.  You will also be asked to consent to a criminal record check during this process.
  • A copy of a recent passport sized photo of yourself, taken within one year prior to the date of application. This can be scanned and uploaded as you complete your online application or mailed to the CCBC office.

  • A copy of your birth certificate, passport or proof of eligibility to work in Canada, such as a Visa.  This can be scanned and uploaded as you complete your online application or mailed to the CCBC office.

  • Pay the $25 student application fee online.
  • Pay the $150 Jurisprudence Exam fee online and complete the online Jurisprudence Exam.

In addition, applicants must request that the following information is sent to the CCBC:

  • Verification of liability insurance through your chiropractic college.
  • An advisory letter from your chiropractic college stating that you are a student and in good academic standing.
  • If applicable, a letter of standing from each jurisdiction where you have practised or currently practise as a health care professional sent directly from each jurisdiction to the CCBC.
  • If applicable, a criminal record check from the last non-Canadian jurisdiction(s) where you have practised or currently practise sent from the jurisdiction directly to the CCBC.

An email will be sent to you with further instructions once you have successfully paid and submitted an online application.  The Registration Committee will review your file once all documentation is received and you have successfully completed the BC Jurisprudence Examination.