As a supporter of CCGI, the College is pleased to share the following updates from the CCGI:

  • The launch of a new series of exercise videos for patients. The exercises in the new video series are based on the latest evidence and have been selected after review by clinicians and researchers from the CCGI team.  Go to the CCGI YouTube channel or the CCGI website to find the videos.
  • In November CCGI shared news of the publication of the clinical practice guideline (CGP) on Neck Pain Associated and Whiplash Associated Disorders in the Journal of Manipulative and Physiological Therapeutics:
  • New interactive education module focusing on the recent neck pain guideline is available through CMCC, free of charge to all chiropractors. Continuing education is available for registrants who complete the module.
  • Patient versions of most guidelines are in process. Research suggests that clinicians prefer the patient versions as they are much simpler and quicker to read.

The CCGI website ( has substantial information and resources for patients, practitioners, researchers and decision-makers.  This information is available to the public and all health care professionals.