Board Elections

2017 Board Elections

Under the Health Professions Act, the chiropractic profession is granted the privilege to self regulate through the CCBC.  With this privilege also comes great responsibility to deliver on our mandate of serving and protecting the public.  The Board is charged with ensuring that decisions made at the Board table are in the public interest.

Making a Commitment to the Board

The CCBC Board is composed of four public appointed members and eight elected registrant board members who:

  • Are volunteer.  Reasonable expenses are reimbursed and honoraria are provided in accordance with CCBC policies.
  • Can commit for a term of three years.
  • Meet approximately 5 times per year in person, usually on Wednesday afternoons at the CCBC office in Richmond, BC.
  • Spend 3-6 hours reviewing materials and preparing for each meeting.
  • Attend and often present at the Annual General Meeting which takes place in the Lower Mainland in even numbered years and alternating Vancouver Island and the Okanagan during odd numbered years.
  • Are also involved in committee work.
  • May meet in person for education and strategic planning events outside of Board meeting dates.
  • Meets the Board & Committee Candidate Requirements.
  • Completes annual Board and personal evaluations.
  • Has access to an internet connection.
  • Takes the Oath of Office prescribed by the Minister of Health in the Health Professions Act.
  • Signs and abides by the code of conduct agreement and other relevant Board policies.
  • Most importantly, Board members are accountable to the College who is charged with protecting the interests of the public.

Run for the Board

Registrants who are interested in running for a volunteer position on the board must:

  • Be a full registrant in good standing. Expiring Board members are eligible for re-election and must follow this protocol for nomination.
  • Practice in the electoral district which is up for election (districts defined in Schedule A of the Bylaws).
  • Not have dues in arrears.
  • Not be the subject of:
    • an investigation by the Inquiry committee under section 33 of the Act or;
    • an unresolved citation issued by the Registrar under section 37 of the Act.
  • Have no limits or conditions are imposed on the practice of chiropractic by the registrant.

Nominees will also be asked to participate in an in-person or teleconference meeting with the CCBC between August 10 – 21, 2017 to review the election process and duties of the Board and approve the election ballot.

The term for each position on the Board is three years.  Elections are held when two or more eligible candidates are nominated for a district (see Schedule A of the Bylaws for the definition of districts). The districts with positions open for the 2017 election, and the board member terms expiring in November 2017 are:

  • Lower Mainland – Dr. Enrique Domingo
  • Lower Mainland – Dr. Don Nixdorf

Submit your Nomination

Registrants who wish to be nominated must complete and return the following to the College office by email, fax or regular mail by 4:30 p.m. on August 8, 2017:

    1. Nomination Form (required):  This form must include the signatures of at least two other full registrants in good standing who support the nominee for election and who also practice in the electoral district where the nominee is running.  The form also includes a written declaration that the nominee will observe the provisions of the Health Professions Act, the regulations and the CCBC Bylaws.
    2. Nominee’s Biography (optional):  This information will be published on the ballot in the event of an election.  Ballots will be marked as “no biography received” if the nominee does not provide one by August 8, 2017.
    3. Completed Candidate Questionnaire by the Nominee (optional):  This information will be published on the ballot in the event of an election.  Ballots will be marked as “no candidate questionnaire received” if the nominee does not provide one by August 8, 2017.

Election Procedures

All full registrants of the College who are in good standing, not in arrears for dues or fees to the College for the current year, shall be entitled to be placed on the list of voters.  Dues must be paid by July 31, 2017 to avoid suspension of license to practice.

Full registrants in the boundaries defined in Schedule A of the Bylaws as Lower Mainland will nominate and vote for candidates from their electoral district only.  Full registrants in the boundaries defined in Schedule A of the Bylaws as Vancouver Island will nominate and vote for candidates from their electoral district only.

Electronic voting ballots will be distributed by email to full registrants who are eligible to vote by August 23, 2017.  All ballots must be received electronically before 2:00 p.m. PST, October 5, 2017.  Election results will be announced by email to all registrants soon after the close of the election.

Please refer to Part 1 (Sections 2-9) of the Bylaws for information regarding elections.  For further inquiries contact the Registrar at (604) 270-1332 or toll free at 1 (866) 256-1474.

Important Election Dates

July 4, 2017 – Notice of Election / Call for nominations
August 8, 2017 – Deadline to return nomination forms
August 22, 2017 – Check your email voting instructions
October 5, 2017 – Voting closes at 2:00pm PST